21 April

J.Krishnamurti’s Last Talk: 4 January 1986 

Krishnamurti In India: The Last Decade

Madras 1985 / 1986 – 3rd   Public Talk

21    So that requires – if I may point out, not for you to accept or deny, just pointing out – is there a meditation which has nothing to do with will, with our energy that says, I must meditate – which has nothing to do with effort at all? The speaker says there is. You don’t have to accept it. He may be nuts. He may be talking nonsense, but he sees logically the ordinary meditation is self-hypnosis, deceiving oneself and when you stop deceiving, stop all that mechanical process, is there a different kind of meditation? And unfortunately, the speaker says yes. That is not for you to say. ‘Yes, I agree, I’ll meditate’. You can’t get at it through effort, through giving all your energy to something. You can’t, there is no – you understand? It is something that has to be absolutely silent. Don’t achieve silence now. Don’t sit in meditation. Please don’t do it, sir. You can’t do it. First of all, begin very humbly, very, very humbly and therefore very gently and therefore no pushing, driving, say, ‘I must do this’. It requires a tremendous sense of not only aloneness, but a sense of – I mustn’t describe it. I mustn’t describe it because then you’ll go off on descriptions. If I describe it, the description is not the real. Right? The description of the moon, or of the Himalayas, painted, description, is not the Himalayas. Right? So, we’ll stop describing. It’s for you to play with it, or not play with it, going your own way and your own peculiar achievements through meditation and so on, and so on, reward and all the rest of it. So, a meditation which is absolutely no effort, no achievement, no thinking; then the brain is quiet. You understand? Not made quiet by will, by intention, by conclusion and all that nonsense; it is quiet. And being quiet, it has infinite space. Are you waiting for me to explore and you swallow what I explore? God, what kind of people are you?

22    So, is your brain ever quiet? I’m asking you. Your brain: thinking, fearing, your office work, your thinking of your family, what they will do and your sons, your daughters – thinking, which is time and thought. Is your brain ever quiet? Would you kindly tell me?

23    Questioner: (Inaudible)

24    Krishnamurti: What, sir? Don’t be nervous, sir. Say what you want to say and if you can’t say it forget it.