17 April

J.Krishnamurti’s Last Talk: 4 January 1986 

Krishnamurti In India: The Last Decade

Madras 1985 / 1986 – 3rd   Public Talk

9     Here, we must separate the brain from the mind. You don’t mind? The brain is the centre of all our nerves, all our knowledge, all our theories, opinions, prejudices, college, universities, all that knowledge is gathered in the skull. Right? It is there. All the thoughts, all the fears, and so on. Is the brain different from the mind? Don’t look at me, I’m asking you a question. If you seriously pay attention to what the speaker asked: is there a difference between the brain – your brain, what is inside the skull and all the knowledge you have gathered, not only you, but your forefathers and so on, so on, for two million years. It’s all encased in there. So that brain will always be limited. Right? Don’t agree, sir, this is much too serious. And is the mind different from this, from my consciousness, from my daily activity, from my fears, anxieties, uncertainties, sorrow, pain and all the theories which man has gathered about everything – it is there. Right? And is the brain… I mean the mind has no relationship with the brain, but it can communicate to the brain, but the brain cannot communicate with it. Am I making something clear to you? Do you understand my question? Don’t agree, please, that’s the last thing to do, agree with me. The speaker is saying the brain is the keeper of all our consciousness, of our thoughts, of our fears, and so on, and on, and on. All the gods, all the theories about gods and all the unbelievers, it’s all there. Nobody can dispute that unless you’re a little bit odd. You know the word ‘odd’? It’s a little bit… It’s all there, but this brain which is conditioned by knowledge, by experience, by tradition, and so on, it cannot have any communication with that thing… with that mind which is totally outside the activity of the brain. I don’t know if you will accept this; don’t bother, just think about it, look at it. But that mind can communicate with the brain, but the brain cannot communicate with that, because the brain can imagine infinite things, the brain can imagine the nameless; brain can do anything. You understand? And that’s too immense because it doesn’t belong to you; it’s not your mind, your – etc., etc.