16 March

Krishnamurti In India: The Last Decade

Rajghat 1985  – 3rd Public Talk

30    Our brains are chattering all the time. Never a second when it is quiet. Haven’t you noticed it? Chattering, chattering, chattering, or imaging, or perpetually in action. You know that, don’t you? There is never a moment of silence. And that silence is also a repetition: ‘Ram, Ram’ or whatever you repeat. When you repeat, repeat, repeat, your brain becomes very dull. Right? Do you agree to this? When you repeat something mechanical and you repeat the word, or something or other, and gradually your brain through repetition becomes dull and quiet, and that quietness is something marvellous to you. Do you understand what I am saying? Are you all asleep? Or are we awake to talk to each other?

31    This repetition either physically, or sexually, constant repeat, repeat, repeat, makes not only the body, the organism dull but also the brain. And when it becomes dull, you think that’s quiet. My golly! So, if you discard all that nonsense – for the speaker it’s complete nonsense, like going to a circus – for the speaker, not for you. But we’re sharing it together, we’re talking about it together. I am not persuading you, influencing you – do this or that.

32    So we have to enquire what is meditation, what is silence. Silence allows space. You can’t be silent in a tiny space. Right? Space. So we have to go into the question of meditation, space, time and whether there is an ending to time. You understand? Not, ‘Tell me how to meditate’. You understand, sir? We are not telling you how to meditate. Your meditation now is achievement. Right? The meaning of the word ‘meditation’ means to ponder over – in a dictionary you will find this – ponder over, think over, weigh, you know, look at it carefully. And also it means ‘measure’, ‘ma’ in Sanskrit. Measure. So meditation now is, as is now: repetition, making the mind dull, and so say, ‘At last!’. Because it is dull, and being dull it becomes quiet. And you think you’ve achieved some tremendous thing. And you go round repeating this to others. And the poor gullible people say, ‘Yes, yes.’ So we’re going to consider all this now.

33    It is five minutes past ten. Do you want to go on?

34    A: Yes, yes.

35    K: Am I working or are you working?

36    Q: Together.

37    K: Are you sure?

38    Q: We are sure.