14 March

Krishnamurti In India: The Last Decade

Rajghat 1985  – 3rd Public Talk

26    So this is what we call living. Right? And I say this to myself – we are sharing this together – why not bring that which you call death to living, together. You can’t take anything with you, even your guru, even all that he has said, all that you have tried to live up to. You can’t take it with you. Your furniture, your wife, your children, all the silver that you have collected, all the money in the treasury – none of it you can take with you. Right? That’s one thing certain: death, and you can’t take anything with you. Except – we won’t go into that. So, as you cannot take anything with you, so why not let the two meet? You understand what I’m saying? Why not death come today? Not suicide – I’m not talking of that. After all, I’m attached to my wife or to my furniture -more like it! – (laughter) or to my… (laughs). Sorry to laugh. You are a crazy crowd! So I say to myself, or you say to yourself, I’m attached to something or other. Right? To my shirt, or to my robe – like that gentleman – or to some guru, some fantasy, some symbol – I’m attached. Death comes along in ten years and says, ‘Old boy, you can’t take that with you.’ So why not get totally free of attachment now? Which is death. You understand what I’ve told? Totally detached. Today not tomorrow. Tomorrow is death.

27    So, why can’t I be free of my attachment? Now. Therefore living and dying are together all the time. I wonder if you see the beauty of it. Not ten years later or forty years later. That gives you an immense sense of freedom – to your profession, to everything about you. So living and dying are together, always. It’s not something to be frightened about. So if the brain can do that – you understand? – then there is a totally different quality to the brain. It has no hooks. It has no sense of the past, the future, the present. It is living. I can’t go into it now because it is really endless way of living, that is, every day is a new day; every morning is a son of the morning.