14 April

J.Krishnamurti’s Last Talk: 4 January 1986 

Krishnamurti In India: The Last Decade

Madras 1985 / 1986 – 3rd   Public Talk

5     This is a very serious talk we’re going into, and unless your brain is active, not just sit there and gaze, is actually active, I’m afraid, one is afraid that you won’t be able to follow. That would be useless for the speaker, and for you sit here and listen to a lot of words. But if we could together take a long journey, a very long journey, not in terms of time, not in terms of belief or conclusions or theories, but as we have examined very carefully the way of our lives: fear, uncertainty, insecurity and all the inventions that man has made including the extraordinary computers and so on, if you take a long journey into this, where are we at the end of two million years? Where are we going? Not some theory, not some wretched book says, however holy it is. Where are we all going? And where have we begun? They’re both related to each other: where we are going, where we began. The beginning may be the ending. Do you understand? I don’t know if you understand what I’m talking about. Don’t agree. Find out. There may be no beginning and no ending and we’re going to investigate into that together. Is that all right? Do you approve of all that? It doesn’t matter if you approve or not, I’m going.

6     From the beginning of time, man has always sought term… thought in terms of religion. Right? The ancient Egyptians had their Isis, Osiris and all the gods and the ancient Hebrews, and so on right down to the present day. What is religion? You understand my question? What is religion? Why are we so inclined – or not, say, ‘I don’t believe in anything’ – but man has always sought something more than this world. They’ve worshipped the stars, the suns, the moons and their own creations; it has been a tremendous endeavour, effort, energy, spent on ancient temples, mosques and the churches of course. They have spent tremendous energy on this. Some of them most extraordinarily beautiful, others are hideous – around the corner you can find them. And we’re asking: what is the spirit of man that sought something beyond the word, the present day agony, the travail, the work, the going to the factory, to the office and climbing the ladder of success, making money, trying to impress people, trying to command, right from top to down. Right? Right? Are you agreed with it? It is a fact whether you agree or not. You’re all seeking power in some form. They want to be at the centre of things – in Delhi, or here, or in other places. They want to be there.